Marzia’s Subscription Box: Cruelty-Free & Price Review

I recently signed up for Marzia Bisognin’s subscription box. I’ve become a big fan of her YouTube Channel and blog over the last few months. Her style is so adorable and I really appreciate that she takes a strong stance on using/promoting ethical and cruelty free products so I thought since I just got the latest box in the mail I’d review the value of the box and look into how ethical the products she included are.


There are two options for Marzia’s subscription box, there’s the standard one for $29 every three months or the “V.I.M” option which includes quite a few more items for $89 every three months. This month’s box was Floral themed. I opted for the “V.I.M” box which was packed! Another reason I talked myself into buying a subscription box was to see if it’d stop me from impulse buying beauty products at the grocery store or Ulta since I’d already have some to look forward to in the mail… we’ll see how that works.


The first item in the box was this Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream. I’ve used Fresh products sparingly in the past because they’re pretty pricey but they are sooo good! I was happy to find that, according to their website, they do not test on animals and are working to support alternative product testing through the American Fund for Alternatives to Animal Research. While this sample size is not for sale, by comparing the price point for the full size, I valued this at $5.60.


The next item in the box is the Yes to Calming Micellar Cleansing Water which seems like such a cool product! I used an awesome online tool that PETA has set up on their website to look up a lot of these companies. It’s their Beauty without Bunnies database. It has thousands of beauty companies to search from that will show you if they don’t test on animals, are a vegan company or are a PETA Mall Partner. All of the “Yes to” brand products are cruelty-free and do not test on animals! This was a full sized product that costs $3.99.


The next item was the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. In my experience you really cannot go wrong with Smashbox when it comes to primers and foundations! I don’t know why, but I was slightly surprised to find out such a big brand was also cruelty-free. Using the price for the amount of a full sized primer, I valued this sample at $9.


I’m super excited to use this Derma E Microdermabrasion Scrub! My skin has been so dry through the winter so I can’t wait to scrub it all off. According to their website, Derma E products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and do not contain parabens, sulfates or artificial colors. Comparing the price for a full size, I valued this sample at $8.12.


My older sister has given me a sample of this Kenra Blow Dry Spray before and I loved it! A full size bottle was included in the box and I found that all Kenra products are cruelty-free and do not test on animals. This bottle costs $22.00.


Tarte has got to be one of my all time favorite make-up brands. I’ve been using their Amazonian Clay Foundation and Maracuja Concealer for YEARS. The box included a full size lip tint chubby pencil. One of the reason’s I’ve been loyal to Tarte is because I know they’re cruelty-free. They use the PETA logo right on their packaging. The lip tint costs $24.


Next up is this delicious smelling lip balm from FRUU. I’ve never heard of this brand before but as someone who is always needing and always losing chapstick, this came at a great time. FRUU products are vegan and are not tested on animals. This stick costs $3.85.


I’m pretty intrigued by this WunderExtentions Volumizing Mascara. If you can see by the picture, it has black and blue product inside the bottle which was weird. Then I found out that the blue product is a lengthening “extension” formula that the black just ends up covering anyways. Last July the Wunder2 company was officially certified as cruelty free which may be why it didn’t show up on PETA’s database. Another good online tool to double check beauty companies is Leaping Bunny. This product costs $22 online.


The next item was this magical fan brush by Spectrum Collections. In this day and age I don’t understand why any product that uses hair/fur can’t just be synthetic. I don’t see the justification when big companies use real hair/fur in their products. This brush is so unbelievably soft but it’s 100% vegan and cruelty-free. It costs $30.25.


The next item is part of Marzia’s latest collaboration with Winky Lux. This is one of the shades found in her Natura Palette. Each subscription box got one of the shades at random, I received ‘Sole.’ It’s more gold than yellow despite that picture. It wasn’t the exact shade I was hoping for but I think I could easily use this in some shimmery looks. Winky Lux products are certified cruelty-free and they have a list of all their vegan products on their website. The single eye shadows are selling online for $9 each.


The final beauty item in the box is this small bottle of ‘Marzia’s Floral Roll-On Perfume.’ It’s a very subtle, warm floral scent. I love it! I have a feeling this will be used up very soon. She made these for the limited number of “V.I.M.” boxes specifically for this month, so while it isn’t listed anywhere that the product is cruelty-free, I think it’s probably safe to assume so. I estimated the value here at $5 because you could find similar products online for that much.


The rest of the stuff in the box aren’t beauty products and are just random items so it’s not really applicable to rank them as cruelty-free or not, but I’ll continue for the price part of the review. In the boxes this month you’d either receive a Kate Aspen picture frame or these super cute salt and pepper shakers (which were what I was hoping for). Similar shakers are on their website for $3.


The box also included three Forest Creature themed items for anyone who enjoyed her Drawing my ‘Forest Creatures’ video. The lavender candle made the entire box smell so amazing, can’t wait to burn it! I was looking forward to the cute pocket sewing kit, but it broke as soon I opened it! It still technically could work…but the mirror is not attached anymore. Bummer. The tote bag is pretty cute. I just recently got a library card for the first time since moving to the city I live in now and I’ve been checking items out each week so far, so I’ll probably use this bag for that! Based on similar things you can find online I estimated the candle to be valued at $3, the sewing kit at $3 and the tote bag at $5.


The last two items are very Marzia’s style. She included a lemon patch from her clothing line and a wire headband. These type of headbands look really cute when I see them on other people but right now I’m not sure I can pull it off, we’ll see. The patch sells for $12 online and a similar headband could be found for $2.


For how often Marzia talks about the importance of these types of products I wasn’t exactly shocked that everything included in the box was cruelty-free, but I think I was pleasantly surprised at how many popular brands have made that decision to not test on animals!

As for the price, the V.I.M box is $89 every 3 months. Based on the prices and my estimates of the products, I valued this box at $163.81. Obviously it’s not a perfect estimate but I’d say this seems to be well worth what you pay for it. The standard subscription box is $29 every 3 months but as I mentioned earlier there are less items in that one,  therefore, is a lot less expensive.

Both of Marzia’s subscription boxes can be found here.

5 thoughts on “Marzia’s Subscription Box: Cruelty-Free & Price Review

  1. I got the smaller box for my first time trying it and I love it! I ended up using all the micellar water and rose cream, so I went out to buy the full size items to use nightly- I included them in my May favorites post. I’m so excited to see what’s coming in the summer box! Great reviews btw (:

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