Manitou Springs Wine Fest

One of my favorite events was held over the weekend in Manitou Springs which is only a short drive from where I live. It was their Colorado Wine Festival! I used to live on the Western Slope which is basically the wine capital of the state with so so many gorgeous vineyards! My friends and I used to go wine tasting all the time when we lived there and obviously can’t at those wineries anymore, but all of our faves have a booth at the wine festival in Manitou Springs so we make sure to check it out each year.


The wine tasting actually started a day early since us and another couple had a  wine tasting/ cheese plate eating Groupon for D’Vine Wines that was about to expire, so it was basically a wine-o weekend.


We were hoping to sit on the patio since it’s been so sunny lately but, of course, a storm rolled in right when we were getting started so we had to move inside. It did make the aisles in Manitou look especially magical on the walk run back to the car.


All that rain made for the most brilliant rainbow that I’ve ever seen. It was perfectly positioned right above downtown.


Even though it was still drizzling by the time we went to dinner, there were so many people, and even employees coming out of their businesses, trying to get a picture of the double rainbow! Even this picture doesn’t do it complete justice.


On Saturday it was festival time! There was live music, different foods, hand crafted items, tons of people and of course wine!


With your ticket you get a tote bag in case you want to buy any bottles and a commemorative glass for your tastings that has Pikes Peak embossed on it.


As soon as we met up with the friends who used to live in Western Colorado with me, we made a beeline to those local wineries that we miss so much!


Two Rivers is a pretty well known winery in Colorado that is part of a gorgeous chateau property that’s the first thing you see from the highway as you’re making your way into Palisade. I’ve never done it before, but you can even book rooms to stay on the vineyard property.


One of my most favorite wines is the fruit wines from St. Kathryn Cellars. While I do like most white wines and some reds, I’m not a huge wine buff. I’m pretty easily pleased by something sweet-ish and fruity. Every single one of these wines are so delicious and easy to drink. We got a bottle of their Lavender wine (which I get every year to give to my mom who loves lavender) and a bottle of the Blueberry Bliss for us!


As I mentioned there was more than just wine! This was a Ft. Collins cheese maker, MouCo, who had a tent there. All the cheeses were so yummy. This one was an “Ashley” cheese which was covered with edible vegetable ash (all that black stuff). It was pretty interesting, but I’ve never met a cheese I didn’t like!


My one regret is I forgot to come back to this booth by Pastamore and buy their handmade pasta! They were selling olive oils as well which were hard to have only one sample of. Very tasty!


They had all sorts of flavored pastas that are made from fresh ingredients. The owner’s favorite was the Garlic and Roasted Onion pasta. I may just have to visit their store next time I’m in Denver and stock up!


Once the festival was over, some of my friends hosted everyone for a bonfire. We toasted marshmallows and played some lawn games until we were literally too tired to stay awake. It was a great weekend!


I’ll leave you all with this silly picture of Blaze the Boston. He belongs to the friends who were hosting us and he is such a goofball!

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