We found a Secret Garden

Today was such a busy day at work and my boyfriend and I are leaving for an anniversary trip early tomorrow so I really didn’t plan to blog today, but I stumbled upon the sweetest garden so just had to share it.


The garden is a serene little nook outside of the downtown area. After living here for three years and even having used the surrounding trails before, I somehow have never noticed this place! The area was so pretty and my boyfriend and I were the only ones in the whole place for most of the time we were there. Must be a pretty good secret garden.


We were first greeted by some bunnies and a trio of deer that were relaxing. You can’t see because of the sun glare, but his antlers were just coming in.  I didn’t want to disrupt their evening by getting too close and spooking them, so I was only able to get a picture of this guy.


There were lots of roses growing everywhere which reminded me of my parents’ backyard. Each spring while I was growing up there were several different rose bushes in bloom that my sisters and I would try (and fail) to make homemade perfume out of.


A specific part of the area was called the “Fragrance Garden.” It’s unfortunate that we get some severe spring weather where I live because after flowers bloom, they usually get pelted with hail or heavy snow at some point. That being said, some of the flowers were pretty weathered but still looked cute. Here are a few pictures of my favorites:






Lining the garden was a little path that, while you were on it, felt like you were inside a magical forest.


Just look at this little “tree house.” So precious.


In the corner of the garden there is the “Heirloom Vegetable Garden” that has this guy holding a hoe and standing guard:


There were quite a few different things that were just starting to grow. We caught a little bunny nibbling on some of them. Most of the veggies hadn’t started showing yet except for these adorable radishes!


I never realized that when chives grew, they blossomed, but lo and behold there some were.


Obviously this garden isn’t a literal “secret” since it’s clearly being taken such great care of by someone. Or, more likely, someones. While we were wandering around we found a metal post that accepted donations for the Horticultural Art Society. We left two small donations on our way out as a way to say thanks for such a cute little escape!


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