Un retour à Paris: partie un

A year ago today I landed in Paris with my boyfriend to celebrate our two year anniversary. The last time I had been there was about 10 years earlier in high school for an organized tour with friends and other students. This time it was fun to be able to wander around the city ourselves, although we did hit many of the popular attractions and museums anyways. Here are some of my favorite moments from that trip!


Our ‘Day One’ was actually supposed to be ‘Day Two’ but thanks to a broken A/C unit on a Delta flight filled with super angry passengers, well, we didn’t make it to Paris until the day after we were supposed to. I can’t remember the random city in the midwest we had to spend a night in without our luggage before having Delta mess up our second flight, to then finally make it on a plane to Paris on our third try. After all that we were able to squeeze in a visit to the Musée de l’Armée before wading through hordes and hordes of soccer fans to get a glimpse of and share a quick kiss at the Eiffel Tower.


Our vacation landed on the same weekend as the Euro Cup (which is why there was a giant soccer ball suspended in the tower) so there were tons of fans wherever we went and the gardens near the Eiffel Tower were set up as a Fan Zone with huge speakers and TV’s broadcasting the games. It was intense!

20160622_084447 (1)

I have no shame at all about spending every single breakfast of our trip at this adorable bakery that was down the street from our hotel. Monsieur Fernand is a small spot but it is packed with breads, pastries and treats. I still dream of how good that place smelled. It didn’t look like they got too much tourist traffic so I was very thankful how patient they were with us since we had to order in English. Espresso and a cheesy pastry here were a must every morning on our way to the Metro.


People say you learn a lot about yourself when you travel. Well, this is the trip where I learned (after the fact) that I relied a lot on posting pictures and videos to my Snapchat Story instead taking actual pictures. So that’s not good haha. I do still have those ‘Stories’ saved thankfully, but with that being said, you won’t see any pictures of the The Louvre in this blog. Woops! I will say, even though the Louvre was amazing, one of my favorite things we did was after that: a boat tour of the Seine River. You got to see a lot of different sights while: A) Not walking, B) Avoiding having to squish through crowds and last but certainly not least C) Getting to sip on some wine or cognac.


That afternoon we also stopped by the Les Deux Plateaux art installation inside the Palais-Royal courtyard. Apparently there was some controversy when the columns were put in. Some people didn’t like the concept for such a historical place and the columns ended up being pretty expensive to install and maintain..but they’re still there and I think they look pretty cool!


Dinner that night was at Brasserie Lipp and as you can tell by the picture we both really hated our entrees. This resturant was suggested by my little sister and it’s right across the street from Café de Flore (where Picasso was known to frequent back in the day) and Les Deux Magots (Ernest Hemingway’s favorite) where we did end up getting dessert. We sat on the partially outside section of the brasserie because it was so nice out, but the inside of the place was so beautiful and traditional.


One of our must-see museums during our visit was Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie. It’s a science and technology museum and it was so totally worth the nearly 30 minute long metro ride to get there from the center of the city. Almost every single exhibit had some sort of interactive component to it which was a lot of fun. Everything had the option to be translated into English as well which was incredibly helpful. The museum itself was pretty impressive inside, but outside you’ll find this giant reflective sphere. It’s actually a IMAX theatre. We didn’t see any movies inside but did snap a few pictures of it.

That day marked about halfway through our trip so I’ll pick up the rest in tomorrow’s post!

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    1. It’s definitely a little bit of a bummer after the fact, but there’s definitely something to be said if you’re enjoying your trip so much that you forget to take a million pictures!

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