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Hillside Gardens


One of my favorite places in Colorado Springs is Hillside Gardens. It’s a little hard to explain exactly what it is… a combination of a sprawling botanic garden, venue, bar and wacky art/junk collection. It’s a super interesting space that is rented out for weddings and private events but during the summer the owners open it to the public for live music on Wednesday nights.


One of my favorite installations is this bowling ball fountain that greets you as soon as you walk into the property. I used to be able to go to these summer shows all the time when I first moved here. Since I work nights now, I’ve missed so many, so I was really happy to be able to visit Hillside again last night!


Here is the bratwurst that I was dreaming about all day at work. During the summer concert series there’s a bunch of food vendors that set up on the property. There were more than the last time I was here, selling things like red beans and rice or personal sized pot-pies. A grilled bratwurst and live music on a summer night outside is the beeest in my opinion.


When you walk into Hillside you’re basically at the top of a hill that has several winding paths and lawns that lead to all sorts of different nooks and areas.


One said nook has a bar that serves local beer and some wine. It’s built under an extension out of an old pickup truck. It’s surrounded by trees and has string lights as a canopy. So cute.


Last night was the busiest I’ve ever seen it. The band was playing swing music inside that pavilion. Not pictured is the dozens upon dozens of people who had chairs and blankets spread out all over other wooded areas of the gardens too. What’s nice about the shows is the music is amplified enough that you can still hear it when you’re wandering around the property.


Several other paths lead to areas like this with quirky antique equipment lying around.


There were also small musician statues around the property like this little guy.


In that same area there was a blacksmith working with metal. He was explaining how to make a bottle opener. It was interesting to see him heating up metal on coals, twisting it and actually using an old school anvil to create something!


I think it’s pretty much impossible to visit Hillside Gardens and not take a picture in or around their retro school bus.


My boyfriend was taking a picture of one of his friends with a statue there but I thought this was such a cute picture of the area and the gorgeous view in the background.


The sunset was so beautiful last night! It was casting such pretty light on all the trees and plants.


Once the band stopped we all stuck around on our blanket and chatted until we realized most people had already cleared out. Hoping I can make another visit before their summer series is over!

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    1. That’s so cool you have family in Colorado Springs! I’ll have to give you a list of other cool things to check out if you’re ever here. I’m sure they’ll know a lot to show you too obviously haha

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