Heading Back to the High Country

 Y’know the kind of trips that leave your heart feeling full and your sides hurting from laughing so much? This weekend was that kind of trip. A friend and I went to visit some of my favorite people, Matt and Chris, at their home in the Rocky Mountain High Country.


If you read my last post about the M.C. Homestead you know that on my other trip here, I was greeted with inclement weather. The tradition continued this time when it started to rain as soon as we pulled into their neighborhood, although it made their home seem even cozier than usual with a little drizzle outside.


In true rock star hosting fashion, Matt had fresh homemade bread finishing in the oven giving the house the dreamiest smell!

20170908_175716 Fortunately the rain stopped and we were able to check out some new additions to the homestead that were in the works the last time I visited. Their chicken coop is fully operational with space outside for the ladies to wander around, protected by fencing and a row of pretty sunflowers.


They are so beautiful!


Their chickens are especially friendly! They were huddled up inside their coop and almost immediately after calling “Come here chickens!” they scuttled outside and right up to me. Smart birds.


Another new addition to the homestead is their greenhouse, which is thriving! Earlier this spring, they had a few small plants that they grew from seedlings that had to get sun from inside their home. Now, the greenhouse is filled to the brim with vines and leaves twisting everywhere.


We got to taste some very fresh basil and get a sneak peak of some radishes almost ready to be picked.


I loved seeing all the progress on their yard! They have so many more ideas and DIY’s that they cover in their blog that you should check out immediately!

20170908_182350 Matt and Chris completely spoil their guests. Both are amazing cooks which is another reason why I love visiting them. We chowed down on Matt’s bread, which was as delicious as it looks, while Chris was hard at work in the kitchen.


He made us Scallops Provencal. Chris is especially great at making French recipes and I was waiting weeks to try his take on this!


It was SO tasty!! The scallops were perfectly sauteed and the sauce was to die for, a delicious combination of flavors between the butter, onions, white wine and lemon. I could honestly write an entire post about these scallops and already have plans to recreate this recipe (and probably completely butcher it). Matt made us all a delicious carrot soup to pair with it.


We spent the rest of the night relaxing inside with the dogs. You may not recognize Harvey in this picture as he was only a fraction of this size the last time I saw him, which was just a few months back!


Sweet lil’ Noah was there too obviously. We all had a big day at the lake planned for the next day so we rounded out the evening singing along to show tunes and old school Disney favorites late into the night before heading to bed.


The next morning started with a yummy breakfast and coffee at a small restaurant called The Moose Cafe in Kremmling. It was my second time here and I still love it.


After running some chores before our lake trip, we wandered around the small town and popped into some antique and thrift stores. There were so many unique treasures inside this one. The friend who came to the mountains with me bought what ended up being a hilarious board game at one of the stores, but more on that later.


Once we got our whole gang assembled, we headed to the Heeney Marina on Green Mountain Reservoir. It was a really short drive from their house and, somehow for a Saturday, was not busy at all.


It was so beautiful there! Thankfully it was a warm day, much different from our chilly welcome. But the sun never did make up it’s mind about whether it wanted to be out or not.


I don’t know if it’s because Labor Day is the “unofficial end of summer” but even though it was nice out, we were sharing the huge reservoir with maybe only four other boats while we were there. It was so nice and felt like we had the place all to ourselves at some points.





Matt was our trusty captain of the pontoon boat we rented.


One of the highlights was this semi-secluded cove area that had dark shale sand and large smooth sticks and branches laying around. People pull up to this area and re-arrange the branches to spell out different things.


It’s kind of like a form of natural graffiti… but in this scenario the “graffiti” doesn’t harm anyone or the area around it! We left a little message spelled out by the branches that was already changed to something else by the time my friend and I drove past it on the highway on our way back home this morning.


Since the minute we got to the reservoir I was really wanting to check out a small island that was right in the middle of it. It was so cute! We docked there and had lunch before a short expedition on the island.


It had a great view of all the lake houses around the marina and some of the Aspen trees that are already changing color! How is it fall already?!?


There’s a part at the top of the small island that has a nice open space with a great fire pit. Apparently people boat up and camp there which sounds like a lot of fun.


Chris, my friend and I all jumped into the water earlier in the day and it was FREEZING. Especially with the sun playing peek-a-boo, it was not the ideal day for swimming, which explains why we both switched into sweatshirts. Shortly following this picture was a brief series of unfortunate events…


Towards the end of the day it was getting especially windy because some storms were about to roll in. I want to say at this moment I kinda knew wearing my favorite hat on the back of the boat was problematic…


But really, this is the moment I realized it. My older sister gave me that hat which is a special University of Colorado/Colorado Rockies hybrid and I love it! It was not an option to leave it behind.


So even though I was finally dried off from our earlier Polar Plunge, I had to hop back in! They were able to pull the boat up pretty close to it and I was maybe in the water for 2 minutes maximum but YIKES it was so cold! Pro tip: Don’t wear hats on a windy boat.


It was a successful day on the water! Boating in the mountains with Matt and Chris is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while so I’m so glad we were able to make time for it! Cruising around on the water surrounded by towering mountains and changing Aspens was the dream.

20170909_201355 Our timing was pretty perfect. By the time everyone was back home, showered and Matt’s Ragù Rigatoni was taken out of the oven, it had already started storming outside. It was an ideal evening for some drinks and hot pasta inside the homestead!


Earlier at one of the thrift shops, my friend traded in two of her hard earned dollars for this game of Balderdash. Matt and I had never heard of it but she insisted it was hilarious. That ended up being an understatement. Not only is the game meant to be funny, this specific one is from the early 80’s which somehow made it even more hysterical. You basically have to come up with fake definitions to words that are given to the players and then everyone votes on the definition they think is real. I very rarely ever literally ‘cry laughing’ but last night was one of those nights. The whole weekend was such a blast. As expected with any trip with Matt and Chris, it was full of fun, laughter and great food.

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