A Stay at “The Nest” in Palmer Lake

Back in June, S. and I stayed at the most unique tiny home tucked away in Del Norte, Colorado. Right after that visit I knew I wanted to book another tiny home adventure – but with a shorter drive. I found ‘The Nest’ on AirB&B and booked it back then for this weekend. It ended up being a great little break from a pretty hectic summer.


Before we checked in we decided to take a nice long hike on a trail near town. In the past we would hike multiple times every weekend. Our schedules haven’t really allowed for it in the last few months, so we were really looking forward to this five mile jaunt around Chataqua Mountain in Palmer Lake.


The beginning of the hike started out really cloudy, chilly and drizzly but it was kind of perfect since the first part is a pretty steep uphill climb. We were rewarded by the sun coming out as soon as we got to this gorgeous reservoir. It was so beautiful. There were people fishing and setting up hammocks in the trees; we’re definitely wanting to go back there soon just to hang out.

20170916_124540.jpg The rest of the hike was perfect. It was just challenging enough to keep things interesting but not too tough. A guide we found online promised those beautiful reservoirs, wild flowers, streams, Autumn colors and great views. It delivered.


This is the view of Palmer Lake from the top of the trail, unfortunately this picture doesn’t even do it justice. I would definitely recommend this trail, but also if you do enjoy hiking I’d check out the Hiking Project app. Their website is where I found the trail. The description was filled with warnings of ‘unmarked trailheads’ and ‘easy to miss turns’ but their free app has a feature that tracks you via GPS so you can see where you are on the trail map. We for sure would have gotten lost at least three times without it!


The freeze dried strawberries we were snacking on during the hike didn’t really sustain us. Shocking, I know. So we headed straight for the pub in town to get burgers and cold beer once we got to the car. Really just a flawless combination after a long hike.


After lunch we made our way to our tiny home adventure at “The Nest.” While it was maybe a quarter mile away from the highway that goes through town, it couldn’t have felt more secluded. Our hosts and their neighbors’ properties are surrounded by woods. This was the entrance to where we were staying.


Here’s “The Nest.” The house itself had clearly been updated since the pictures they put on their AirbB&B profile. It looked like a tiny cabin before and now it kinda looks like the dollhouses my dad would build for my sisters and I when we were younger. Pretty adorable.

20170916_151758 (1).jpg

The inside was just big enough to fit a comfy bed and a small shelving unit with a Keurig, coffee pods, some organic bug spray and other organic products. The hosts did not want any chemical sprays of any kind on the entire property. I was pretty worried about mosquitoes because I’ve been eaten alive ever since mosquito season started, but it was fine!


On the other side of the tiny home there was this little patio that overlooked all the trees and the mountains off in the distance. You could tell so much thought went into making this place a welcoming oasis in the woods.


Since it was out in the woods, this is the part of the property that the hosts referred to as “Glamping” … or glamorous camping haha. The bathroom was outdoors in this little area with a clear roof and small lights wrapped around the top of it. Taking an outdoor shower at night was a pretty unique experience.


We were wiped after the hike so hammock time was a must as soon as we got settled. At the beginning of the summer I started keeping a blanket and some outdoor throw pillows in the back of my car just in case a picnic/lay by a body of water/sunning scenario ever came up. I’ve definitely taken some slack from some people for it allegedly being ‘high maintenance’ but being able to up the cozy factor of this hammock was so great for a little nap.


Once we woke up we took advantage of the hot tub in the backyard when these two guys and their mom came by. They were so curious with their giant ears twisting and turning at the sound of the hot tub jets.

20170916_175000 (1).jpg

They left for a while before coming back and laying down for their own nap. They were the most precious surprise visitors.


For dinner we headed into town. Fortunately the Italian place we initially planned on going to was packed, so we left and went across the street to La Rosa which hands down was the best decision. We could tell that this Southwestern dining spot was going to be good as soon as they set down a pallet of their chiles for us to try. Each one was very unique and had a type of heat that I don’t think I’ve tasted before. Our dinners were delicious and when we learned that the co-owner had hand picked the chokecherries that made the sauce for mine, I really wasn’t surprised because everything tasted so authentic and homemade. I’m really looking forward to eating there again!


For dessert we headed back to “The Nest” and munched on some of the welcome chocolates that were left for us. We sat outside on the patio under the lights and listened to dogs nearby going crazy over what I hope was that deer family moving through the woods and not a bear.


In the morning our host brought out a basket filled with our breakfast that we set up on the patio again. It was a chilly morning but nothing a blanket and some coffee couldn’t fix. Our hosts were so accommodating that I would definitely recommend this place, and have already sent a link out to a co-worker who was curious. It was such a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It was great to go on a trip, not too far from home, with absolutely nothing to do but relax. S. and I joked it felt like we were celebrating an anniversary or something, but sometimes it’s nice to get away just because.

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