Costa Rica Vlog

Today is my first full day back at home after an amazing trip to Costa Rica this last week and a half. I still plan on writing a post (or two) about the trip because it was so extraordinary and we were able to see and do so much. I’d love to share and remember it all here, but I also took quite a few videos on my camera while we were there so I thought I’d put those clips together for a mini vlog of my trip. Let me know what you think!

3 thoughts on “Costa Rica Vlog

  1. I love your vlog! Its so bright and happy and shows the beauty of costa rica in a short and concise way! It isn’t pretentious like most vlogs are! Would love to hear you speak more though!

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    1. Thank you so much!! We were on one of those tours where you’re traveling and doing all your activities with like 20 other people so I think I would have felt too shy narrarating haha! I was nervous at first going with such a big group of strangers but everyone was great, it was so much fun!

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      1. hahaha ooohh I get it! That’s awesome, usually going in groups, there’d usually be some ‘burdens’ but glad to hear you has a wonderful time!

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