Charming Charleston


This past weekend I headed to Charleston, South Carolina to celebrate one of my dear friend’s upcoming wedding! I’ve visited Charleston once before and loved it! I was excited to see what it was like during the summer and since this was for a Bachelorette Weekend, it was bound to be a great time!


The group included all the bridesmaids for the wedding: two girls flying in from different parts of California, two flying in from different parts of Colorado and the bride driving down from where she lives in North Carolina. I was the first to arrive because it’s just my plight in life to be absurdly early for everything. The Air B&B that the Maid of Honor found for our weekend was super cute! Just look at those porches!



The Maid of Honor was the next to arrive. We walked to a corner store and picked up some drinks and groceries for the weekend before she made this cute set up of all the goodies she brought for everyone. The rest of the girls got in really late so we just spent that first night in and catching up. The whole group obviously knows the bride but with the exception of the other girl from Colorado, none of us had ever met each other before. It was so fun to start getting to know some of the other important friends in her life.


We were up and out the door bright and early the next morning after breakfast to go on a carriage ride tour of the historic downtown area. It was one of the activities on the bride’s Charleston Bucket List and it was a nice relaxing way to start our first day there.


Apparently since carriage rides are so popular for tourists in Charleston, the tour companies have a lottery system they have to follow with the city. Before they head out, they get assigned a random color and number which dictates which area and streets they can go down. That way there isn’t one street with 50 carriages on it blocking traffic. Charleston is nearly 350 years old! The last time I visited a friend who lived here she gave me some trivia and tidbits about the history so it was really interesting to hear about some of the things that make Charleston so unique from the tour guide- and new things I didn’t know.


After a quick photo shoot by an ivy covered wall (as one must do whilst next to an ivy covered wall) and a stroll through the Historic Charleston Market Shop, it was off to brunch.


Eli’s Table took such great care of us. It was so hard to pick only one thing off of their bunch/lunch menu. Everything looked so good!


But, I honestly couldn’t pass up the first opportunity to get Shrimp and Grits while I was in The South.


My absolute favorite activity that is completely free to do in Charleston, is walking around. Most of the buildings in the city are protected because they are historic so you really are transported when you’re walking down the streets.

 So many of the homes are just breathtaking with large iconic side porches and perfectly manicured gardens. You easily can take one random turn and you’re walking down a cobblestone alleyway where people used to duel hundreds of years ago. I took about a million photos and Snapchats, but these are a few of my favorites.



Mid walkabout we needed a recharge so we stopped into Bitty & Beau’s. The coffee was great, the store was adorable and they even had a map to keep track of where their guests are from. I know they have a few locations across the U.S and I’d definitely recommend visiting. The best part of the store was learning that each location is run by people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. I think it’s such a great idea to encourage diversity and inclusivity.


Waterfront Park was another ‘must-go.’ Thanks to the Maid of Honor for this delightfully natural candid shot haha.


We obviously had to stop by the iconic Pineapple Fountain there as well. You see a lot of pineapple decorations around homes in Charleston as a symbol of hospitality. One of the versions of the backstory that I’ve heard is that sea captains would bring pineapples back from their journeys when pineapples didn’t exist in the United States. When the captain would come back, he’d stick a pineapple through a spear of his fence as a sign that he made it safely back home and was welcoming visitors. I can’t remember where I heard that, possibly from my friend who used to live here… possibly from the deleted scene of How I Met Your Mother where the Pineapple Incident was finally explained. Tough to say.


Yet another picturesque spot in Charleston is Rainbow Row. It’s a lane of houses not far from the water and they are all painted bright beautiful colors. When I visited this area with my friend last time it was cloudy and raining, so it was stunning to see all the colors shining in the sun!


This was the best of many failed attempts to get a panorama of the row.


After a desperately needed nap back at the house, we all got dolled up for some dining, drinking and dancing. We had dinner and rooftop views at Stars which is where those dreamy truffle fries were from. We ended the night at Republic which was recommended by a new co-worker of mine who just moved from Charleston. It was a good call for a Bachelorette party night out.


The next day lounging was a necessity. We headed to Folly Beach which was not too far of a drive from Charleston. The town is so cute! It reminds me of tiny mountain towns with so much character… but it’s nautical themed instead. Once you got close to the water there were beach houses everywhere. Some of them were so beautiful and looked newly remodeled. Makes me wonder how much it would take to rent out one of those bad boys for a summer weekend.



It was the perfect beach day! All the wind helped cool off what would have been a scorcher of a day. The water was also SO warm! I’m such a baby when it comes to wading into cold water. On this beach it was sooo nice, it reminded me of the water in Cabo.


On the way back to Charleston we were somehow able to get (what appeared to be) the last reservation available at any of the notable seafood restaurants in Charleston. In record time five girls showered and got ready in a house with only one bathroom in under two hours. I don’t know how we did it- but we did it. After surprise music video karaoke inside the Uber on the way downtown, we arrived at Oyster House.


When he first sat down the waiter said he’d be back with a surprise for the table. It ended up being what I can only describe as a weird…glass..bong looking object filled with champagne. Apparently it’s called a Porron. The idea is to pour whatever liquid is inside it- into your mouth while seeing how far away you can get the Porron from your face while not making a complete mess. Needless to say none of us were graceful enough to do it with someone else pouring for us, let alone do it to ourselves (which is how it’s supposed to work lol). Basically a lot of champagne went up a lot of noses that night.. Feel free to Google what it’s actually supposed to look like.


More drinks on fantastic rooftops (Henry’s House on Market, I’m looking at you) and dancing followed before we all had to head back home the next day.  Charleston was amazing, I’d definitely like to go back again. You really never know how things can turn out when a group of girls (especially ones you didn’t even know before) are traveling together and sharing a small house, but the weekend could not have been more fun! We all got so close and had the best time celebrating our friend’s last few weeks of single life! Can’t wait to see everyone for the wedding next month!


22 thoughts on “Charming Charleston

  1. I love that you often include gifs in your posts! The one you shared looks soooo cool! Charleston looks stunning! I really like the colourful houses! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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    1. Thanks!! I work with video at my job so I always like that better…but don’t want to pay to upgrade my WP 😂 so that’s me cheating! Thanks for reading and your comment! I keep trying to comment on your blog posts and every single time on different ones it gives me an error message 😔

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This looks like such a fun time! The south can be so charming and beautiful. I’ve passed through South Carolina, but I’ve never actually been to Charleston. I love the southern colonial style of houses down that way. The porches are lovely.

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  3. Congratulations to the bride to be! Omg Charleston is absolutely beautiful! As someone who lives halfway across the world, all i ever hear is how amazing the east and west coast are but this place is just stunning and rich with culture! I’d love to visit such places because I’m always in the city where buildings and skyscrapers are mostly younger than me. The architecture is seriously amazing. AS SOON AS YOU MENTION PINEAPPLES I JUST KEPT THINKING ABOUT THE CAPTAIN IN HIMYM!!! HAHAHA and then you mentioned it at the end of your story too!!! The fountain is super cool, I mean to design a fountain based on a fruit is wow! The entire bachelorette sounded so fun!!! And that Porron thing sounds like such a recipe for disaster but that’s also what made it so epic! HAHAHA

    P.S Thank you SO much for recommending Detroit: Become Human to me, after reading your comment I think I binged watched it in the span of 2-3 days and absolutely loved it. The graphics the story, I am just OBSESSED. It’s so rare that someone can recommend me something I genuinely am excited about so I really appreciate it! ❤ ❤ ❤ I checked out other quantic dream titles like Beyond two souls and Heavy Rain but somehow couldn't get invested in them as easily, how about you?

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  4. Thanks so much for reading!! Charleston has got to be one of my favorite places I’ve visited when it comes to the architecture and history. Right now it’s getting slammed by a hurricane and I’m so worried for the people and all the cute and historic buildings so close to the water! I’m so glad someone appreciated the HIMYM reference 😂 and I’m SOOO glad you enjoyed Detroit Become Human. I forced any friend who would listen to borrow my copy and play it because I thought it was sooo good!! The graphics are so stunning and the effort they put into all the different options is mindblowing! One of my favorite games of all time! I haven’t played any of the other games yet, but I did hear that Heavy Rain was one of the better ones. I’ll need to check it out at some point!


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